How to Stop Rescuing People & Be Free to Love Yourself, Heal Yourself & Get The Relationships You Deserve!

THIS new book is for men who are ready to STOP saving everybody and start getting the love, respect, appreciation they deserve! It's for men with big-hearts who are ready to be rejuvenated, refueled, and refreshed with RECIPROCATION.

It's for the strong man who always gets "left with the short end of the stick." Giving to the wrong people, loving people who can't love back, working for people who never appreciate your value. It's for the man who wants to get more out of life and experience the JOY of being strong, without the pain of being constantly heartbroken by ungrateful people.


SAVE YOURSELF!! You can’t love everybody, help everybody, protect everybody, stand for everybody, without being loved & protected in return. Have you been chasing people, rescuing people, being their “ram in the bush” their “LIFEBOAT” to rescue them through every problem, situation, obstacle and difficulty?

Always on there when they call… and it’s draining, nagging and subtracting the ENERGY from your SOUL like a poisonous spider.

It’s who you are! You’re unique. You’re a lover! It’s natural for you… but you’ve reached a place where you’re feeling it draining your spirit. Your energy has shifted. You don’t respond the same. It weighs heavily on your mind. You can’t “detach” from it like you used to. Now you carry the burdens from the phone to the bedroom, to work, to church, and in your pocket everywhere you go.

There comes a time when even Super Man grows weary of saving everyone. When he has nothing left to give, who will come to his rescue?

Loving others can be both a weakness, and kryptonite, and many of us find out the hard way that our capes must come off in order to save ourselves.

"How to Rescue Yourself From Rescuing Others" is a highly anticipated book by Author Lionel Hilaire that exposes the affects of how people may lose themselves in the midst of loving others.


Through practical principles of healing, and life experiences, readers walk away equipped to heal and deal with things they may be emotionally bound from, while seeking spiritual deliverance through God.


THIS book is available NOW for purchase.


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